Why Learn Young?

Young children are uniquely suited to learning language. Research shows that the developing brain is hard-wired for language aquisition. Take advantage of our natural ability to learn language easily and sign your children up for German language lessons!

Linguistic Benefits

Young language learners can acquire native-like fluency as easily as they learned to walk.

Older learners begin to lose the ability to hear and reproduce new sounds starting as soon as age 8, resulting in a permanent foreign-sounding accent in any language. Younger learners benefit from flexible ear and speech muscles that can still hear the critical differences between the sounds of a second language, as well as reproduce them with native-like quality.

Cognitive Benefits

Children who learn a language young go on to show enhanced spatial relations and problem solving skills, stronger overall communications skills, and higher elementary and SAT test scores.

While some parents worry that starting their toddler on a second language will interfere with developing English skills, the opposite is actually true. Children can differentiate between two languages within the first weeks of life; learning another language actually enhances a child's overall verbal development, says Roberta Michnick Golinkoff Ph.D, author of How Babies Talk.

The research goes on to show a number of additional cognitive benefits to learning a second language at an early age. Children who learn a second language show higher cognitive performance in overall basic skills in elementary school. According to the College Entrance Examination Board, they go on to score higher on SATs. Children who learn a second language at a young age also exhibit better problem solving skills, enhanced spatial relations, and heightened creativity. Learning a second language early on encourages flexible thinking and communication skills, helping children consider issues from more than one perspective.

Lifelong Benefits

The gift of language is an investment that last a lifetime! Young learners enrich their lives and open up doors to their future by gaining:

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