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About German Language 101   Susanne Irwin started teaching German in Marin in September 2006 with just eleven students, under the name "Lingua Marin". For nearly five years, Lingua Marin grew into a vibrant specialty school. Susanne took a family sabbatical in Canada in 2013, returning to Marin in the Spring of 2014.

Lingua Marin is now German Language 101.

About Susanne Irwin   Susanne Irwin studied languages and linguistics at the University of Kassel, Germany and at the University of Strasbourg, France where she recieved a degree in linguistics.

Susanne taught German and English in Zurich, German in Strasbourg, and French across the Rhine River in Kehl, Germany. She taught German at the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, England for four years prior to moving to the US.

Susanne is particularly proud that her two children are completely bilingual and bicultural, even though they have never lived in Germany. It is this gift of language that Susanne aims to share with her students here in Marin County.

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